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Set Up. Area: 30 yard diameter circle with four 1 yard gates. Players: 12. Equipment: Cones, balls. Play 8v4. The Red team attempts to pass through the gate to a waiting red player. Develop by evening up the teams and playing. for the most points. Quick one two passes through the gates.

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Players dribble through the gates on the pitch. Run the drill for one minute. Pause for 30 seconds and then run again. Coaching Tips. Players should be using the following dribbling technique: outside of foot, inside of the foot, laces, bottom, toe and heel. Then switch to the other foot and repeat.

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Explanation. This drill is very good at getting the young players to dribble in different directions at pace and with good control. On the coaches command the players will dribble their soccer ball around the area and dribble through as many gates as possible. Once the kids have been through the gates the game needs to advance to adding in tricks and turns.

Gate soccer drill for passing turning and dribbling skills

This soccer drill focuses players on passing quickly to an open player, then dribbling into the space created. For the warm-up session, divide the players into two teams. Each team takes a turn to see which of its players can dribble through the most gates in 30 seconds. That team then rests while the other team goes.

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Through the gate. This simple game works on your players’ ball control skills. It’s particularly good for players of intermediate ability. But players of all ages and skill levels enjoy the competitive nature of the game. When it’s played correctly, and well, it looks very impressive. Set up: Divide your players into teams of two or three.

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Dribble through the gate. The first thing to do is start with a warm up for this drill. Set a number of gates up throughout half of the field like below. Each gate should be 2 yards wide (a gate is imply two cones set up as things to go through such as a goal) Have half the players wear white and the other half blue.

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To score a point a player must pass through a gate to partner, the players then pass the ball towards and through another gate. Visit TeachPE.com for more in...

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Allow the players to set out the gate sizes if appropriate. Both teams start with a ball. Pass & receive between the different gates, moving around the area as a team. Play for a set period of time. Top Tips. Pace & accuracy of the pass. First touch in the direction you want to play next. Support ahead of the ball.